Zwave smart bulb not working with dimmer (possible root cause, but no solution)

I have a couple GoControl (LinearLinc) zwave bulbs (model LB60z-1), and I thought I would test them out on one of my Red Series Dimmers to see if I could recreate any of the issues other people are experiencing with their smart bulbs.

I am using Red Series Dimmer, with neutral, not in a 3-way setup. The dimmer controls an outlet with a lamp containing a single zwave smart bulb. In this setup, I am unable to turn the bulb off. When turning the bulb off via software, it immediately turns back on. Dimming the bulb via software appears to work fine. This bulb also has a “feature” that allows you to use your normal switch to turn the light on or off. To turn the light off manually, you flip the switch OFF->ON-OFF->ON. To turn the switch on manually, you flip the switch OFF->ON. Using this manual method (using the physical switch on the lamp itself, not the Red Series switch), I am still unable to get the bulb to remain off (it immediately turns back on just like it does when trying to turn off via software). Its almost as if the bulb briefly loses power when it turns off, which tricks it into thinking I turned it OFF-ON, which in turn causes the bulb to turn back on. The bulb works fine when connected to a normal outlet.

I suspect the issue is a combination of bulb design and the way the dimmer works. For anyone having problems with your smart bulbs, have you tried using the bulb with a regular dimmer (set to 100%)? I found some articles online that indicate some smart bulbs dont work with any dimmer, even when the dimmer is set to full brightness.

BTW: The Ilumin RGBW bulbs I have appear to work perfectly with this switch.