ZwaveJS2MQTT - Group on/off control no longer works (and only for ONE switch!)

Hi everyone.
I have a group set up in ZwaveJS2MQTT (in Home Assistant) that used to work. When my garage lights turned on, another light in my basement turned on.

It worked great for months…and now, for some reason, it no longer works…and it seems to be ONLY the “Door to Garage (Basement)” switch. If I associate the garage lights to any other switch, the on/off control works fine.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the setup. I have excluded and reincluded the switch, and still nothing. It also has the same firmware that other switches have that have no issues.

Has anyone experienced this before, and have any ideas?

Does it work the other way around? Just for grins.

Just tried!

No it doesn’t. Really good suggestion though!