1.47/1.41 - Showing On, but not

Are there known bugs that would cause the Red Dimmer switch to report being “on” while very clearly NOT being on?

What do you mean “clearly NOT being on”?
Its reporting 4.8W power usage so something is on :thinking:

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One guess: maybe the dimmer really is on and your bulbs just aren’t responding? Swapping them out with something else (incandescents would be a safe choice; but anything that claims to be dimmable, has a high enough power draw based on your setup and the device specs, and ideally something you may have found on the compatibility list that someone else has already tested to work) may help you figure that out.

That being said, it appears the dimmer is at 99 (full brightness), so I’d expect something to be happening unless there’s a wiriging issue or dead bulbs. My other guess would have been that it’s just dimmed to too low of a level for the bulbs to respond, but that’s unlikely at full blast (again, assuming your bulbs are dimmable and you either have a neutral or the load is of sufficient wattage).

Or to directly answer the question, no, I haven’t seen this crop up on any of mine, and I’m not aware of havinng seen anything here about it. :smiley:

The bulbs (two, 100 watt equivalent LEDs) were both totally dark, despite the switch saying it was on.

Multiple “refresh” commands did nothing.

However, an off then on got them to turn on perfectly.

Does the dimmer make any noise when turning on/off (a clicking sound)? I am curious if the the internal relay is switching the output between the Load and Traveler terminals (as if it were on a 3-way circuit)

I don’t recall hearing it making any noise.

It’s a dimmer, not a switch.

Something seems to be making the device lie to the hub. :slight_smile:

The dimmer uses a relay on the traveler wires

Was the LED bar off? Frankly it sounds as if it was at a low level below the level required to have the bulbs actually turn on.

Did you set your min level to a level other than 1 that turns on the LED bulbs dimly? Some of mine are at 40% or higher to even get anything out of the fixtures.

That seems similar to a problem I’m having, but for me its only with a certain multi-way arrangement. I don’t think I’ve seen it with a single switch (load only) arrangement.

I initially reported it in the v1.55-beta thread as I initially thought it was a bug related to that version but I have since then downgraded as far as 1.48 and still have the problem. I now think its something in the Inovelli’s 3-way-toggle sensing circuitry. It mostly works, but I think the sensitivity and/or calibration may need some tweaking :thinking:

I’ve got a status indicator set on there LED bar.

The lights are set to start low and brighten over time. Yes, I’ve adjusted the lowest and highest levels… But, it shows being fully bright in it’s status while the bulbs are totally dark.