2-1 Fan Timer Mode & Zigbee Scene Binding

I have been using the Z-Wave 500 series switches and dimmers with Hue bulbs for the last few years and have been happy with them but looking for a solution to the times that my automation server is offline.

I am looking at using Zigbee binding with the Hue bulbs but would love for there to be a better way to replicate my current setup using Zigbee scenes with the bulbs that are triggered by the switches. I would love for the firmware to enable binding to specific Zigbee scenes rather than just level & on/off control.

I am also loving the idea of the Fan Timer Mode for my bathroom exhaust fans as I currently trigger a timer on my server but having it local to switch as well as the light countdown would be great. However, I would be interested in having it more configurable, such as having a configurable default time on a single paddle tap or being able to use the config button to trigger it. Another great feature for it would be being able to start the timer mode on the switch remotely.

I haven’t used zigbee scenes myself, but does your idea amount to having a way to configure the switch so that, when you press one of the buttons, it sends zigbee scene x to the bound devices?

The scenes are already stored on the lights, but yes, you can have a binding that sends the scene id to the light group

It seems reasonable for the switch to support an outbound Scene cluster, which could be bound to other devices, especially because it already supports inbound scene clusters. I’m still a little fuzzy on exactly how it would be implemented, but I’m not actually a ZigBee firmware engineer, I just play one on TV :wink: