2-1 Switch Shipping Discussion

I couldn’t agree more.

I too ordered in April. I will hold off the getting upset but do hope the pre-orders direct with Inovelli are shipped from this batch. I continue to support Inovelli but it is unnerving to think ZWP are getting their orders filled first!


That’s one way of looking at it. I mean, I’m not mad at these guys, I’m sure they’re trying their best, but results speak. Yes, they’re transparent, but in this situation, I wouldn’t expect anything less. They’ve had preorders for the 5 button switch for I don’t even know how long at this point. If they went silent or told us to pound sand the refund requests would be massive. I keep my preorder in because they HAVE been transparent. For the number of mistakes along the way, the leeway this team gets is kind of incredible. I guess it speaks to how much we all love the product and how much we’re willing to tolerate.


I’m absolutely not mad at inovelli and I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theories, however it was completely disrespectful for the shipping partner to service their own customers who ordered only a few short weeks ago in advance of all of us who have been excitedly waiting for many months.

They claim this is because they are more familiar with their own system, but the reality is that they just value their own customers ahead of their partnership, and that’s disgusting. They had no obligation to send to their customers first, they were clearly listed as pre-orders on their site. They did it because they wanted to, and they didn’t care.


And that’s kinda where I disagree. It’s business, not friendship. ZWaveProducts did what they felt was in the best interest of its operation, which is what any successful ruthless business would do. It also means they don’t see value in a long-term partnership with Inovelli. Was it a mistake, only time will tell. Inovelli should have had the shipping situation in writing, with a monetary penalty. I feel like I have to preface every criticism because I think their hearts are in the right place, but the fact is naivety is a recurring theme.


I never said friendship, I said partnership. If they wanted to be the long term front end seller and distributer of inovellis great products then this was the absolute wrong way to do it, they proved that pretty swiftly and I personally will never buy a product from them now unless that’s the only source for inovelli in the future


@Eric_Inovelli seems to have gone radio silent on the ZWP issues.

He’s probably working to try to salvage the relationship, but IMO, the fact there are probably still a ton of pre-orders that haven’t gone out (almost no confirmations of pre-order tracking #'s, while almost all of the direct ZWP orders have gone out) and no post alleviating concerns is pretty telling on how badly ZWP has botched this thing. Hopefully, they end up coming through in the end, but this is looking pretty ugly.

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Yeah, I’d really like to hear some kind of comment on the current state of this. I’m moving in the next week, and based on the information that was originally provided it seemed like the shipment should have easily arrived by now given that I preordered in the first month, but now it looks like I may need to have it sent to a different address. And I have concerns about that being handled properly too.

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Echoing that - would be helpful to hear where things are at having placed a sizable preorder in late April that sits unfulfilled. Certainly can understand that trying to rectify would be a busy time, but a forum post doesn’t need to be a lengthy affair.

Just got my tracking number. Order was placed May 18th.


Well, that confirms they are not shipping in chronological order.


For another data point… I received shipping notification for a direct order from Inovelli on June 25th.

June 9 order shipping confirmation received at 8:43am (MST)

This was a single 10-pack.

I am just going to assume 2 weeks until items are shipped and plan around that. Hopefully sooner, and hopefully not later than that.

Awesome to see so many orders 5k+, but that is a lot of items to fulfil and ship.

Cannot wait to see how everyone utilizes these and what cool automations and integrations the community comes up with!


Single Switch ordered August 19th should be delivered today :raised_hands:

Yep, must not be in chronological order because my order was placed April 22. :frowning:

(and still showing ‘unfulfilled’)

Glad to hear that orders are being shipped. Sounds like the original statement that they’d all be shipped in about two days was way too optimistic though. It’d be nice to have a realistic estimate of when they’ll all be shipped.


Ship notification this morning for pre-order placed April 24th.

Same. April 28th. Still unfulfield.

Pre-orders on Inovelli:
April 29 - 10 pack - Unfulfilled
May 19 - 10 Pack - Unfulfilled
Sep 11 - 3x Aux - Unfulfilled
Sep 13 - 10 pack - Unfulfilled

Order on Zwaveproducts.com
Sep 17 - 10 pack - Shipped/Should be delivered today