2-1 switches in 3-way config, LEDs are not staying in sync

I have a few Blue 2-1 switches I’ve set up as virtual 3-way configurations using the Zigbee binding app on Hubitat. The on/off functionality always works, but I’ve recently noticed several times where the light is off, but one of the switches (the remote one) has the LEDs set to the previous lighting level.

If I click on or off from either switch, they get back into sync for a while and then a day or so later I will find one or more of my Blue switches out of sync with it’s 3-way partner.

Is the mechanism the Zigbee Binding app users different than the binding tools in the driver itself? Does the built-in driver binding even work? I’ve noticed even though the switches are bound using the tool, the binding count in the settings page for those switches shows 0 for number of bindings.

So. Forgive me as i dont remeber how to off hand. But for the switches skip the hubitat binding and bind the switches together with the built in function. The switches can be binded directly without the need of hubitat.

I have both 3 way and 4 way setup. Both 3 and 4 ways are dinner setup and they have never been out of sync since i bound them directly with each other.

Also in my 4 way i had to bind switch 1 to switch 2 and 3, and switch 2 also to switch 3. So they were all bound together.

Hope that helps. And the proccess should be listed in the instructions. Been many months since i did and its 1am and headed to bed.

Best of luck.