2.15 Button Delay “unavailable” in HA

Hi all,

I’m curious if anyone else has had the issue recently where the button delay entity is “unavailable.” None of the other parameters/entities are impacted. See image below. More strange, I was able to still update the delay value via “manage zigbee device>choosing the Inovelli cluster>changing the button to 1.” The result though was to update the dimming up speed - local to 1. See image.

At present my blue 2-1 switches are all impacted and they are all running 2.15. Roughly coinciding with this issue was the installation of the new blue fan switch. That switch is running 1.04. Auto OTA is set to “true” in the config file.

What HA version are you running? I can confirm I see this missing now for a couple switches, but I don’t have that Dimming Up Speed - Local parameter, I believe the name of it was changed a while ago in HA.

Can you try removing/readding the device to refresh those attributes? (Can remove it from the device page and then just go straight into looking for new devices and it’ll rejoin immediately)

I don’t expect that to fix the button delay parameter not showing up for you, but it will bring you forward to how they should be currently set up (button delay does work for me via manage clusters in the interim).

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First, thanks for taking the time to respond. I can understand why the naming is a bit off - I should have noted this. I adapted the names to make them readable for me.

Regarding the home assistant version, you bring up a good point. I upgraded from the October 23 version to November 23 roughly around this same timeframe. If you are in the November release, maybe we can pin this to that?

As for the removing and reading the device, I have unfortunately tried this. Though as you suspected, the entity remained unavailable.

One additional observation that I had. I do not recall having this quirk displayed in my device. Maybe this was an Home assistant change, maybe a new quirk was pushed, idk. I just do not remember it there. Again with firmware 2.05 for the 2-1s and 1.04 for the fan blue.

Quirk: zhaquirks.inovelli.VZM31SN.InovelliVZM31SNv12

Ah, that’d do it then! I see where the change was made in HA that broke the button delay config option showing up in the UI, looks like that got merged in October so probably ended up in one of the later releases similar to what you saw. I’ll get it updated in HA as well and let you know when I find out that’s in a release.

Re the other observation, I believe that got added to where you’ll see the Quirk field regardless of if it’s custom or just one of the built-in (which that is and should be right).

Thanks again. I appreciate your thoughts and support. Let me know if I can support in any way.

I struggled with the same issue and had a similar conversation on the Home Assistant board. I was informed by @TheJulianJES that a fix was already issued #104058, just not rolled out just yet. You can find out more on github.

@Smitty88, I patched my file locally and it fixed the issue. Both Button Delay and Dimming Up Speed are properly exposed.

Question for @chack: who maintains the zhaquirk file? HA or Inovelli crew? I noticed we are still at 2.11 and was wondering whether there should be 2.15 given the latest firmware. Many of the parameters are only manageable with the “Issue zigbee cluster command” service and not through the UI.

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I’ve made most of the updates for the zhaquirk files, but it’s a group effort and the devs over there are great. When you’re referencing 2.11, what are you referring to?

Those fixes for the parameters in the frontend have been merged, but aren’t in a release of HA yet so I was waiting to post any update until that happened. For that piece since it’s configuration within HA itself, not within ZHA, it’s going to depend on being included and updated there.

I guess @codyhackw on HA is @chack on Inovelli. :wink: Very nice meeting you!
I discovered in some py file mentions of Inovelli classes for 2.05 and 2.11 but not 2.15. I tried to locate the file again but did not manage to. I’ll let you know when I find those mentions again. I would have sworn it had to do with quirks definitions.

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Nice to meet you too :slight_smile:

If you’re thinking of - “class InovelliVZM31SNv11(CustomDevice)” as an example from the 2-1, that’s really just because the signature changed in that release and so the previous class no longer matched. It’s not related to the actual firmware version on the device, but I get where that could get confusing.

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This was it. Thx for explanation.

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Was the update @chack able to be made within home assistant? Yes we have the custom quirk route, though that is the edge of my abilities and I would prefer not to go that route.

Hey, it got merged into 2023.12.0, so as long as you’re running that or later you should be good to go!

Just to note for anyone else too - this fixes the parameters and button events in HA, the device still shows up as a light. If that’s an issue for you, the only route to fix it would be the custom quirk currently.

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