2 LZW36's tied together

So I’ve got two of the fan/light switches for my living room as I have two fans and it originally was a 3 way switch. I would like to be able to control both lights and both fans from both of the switches. I’ve played around with zwave association and a little bit in smartthings, but I’m very very new to things here with home automation. Is this possible to do and not have the delay between the two lights be several seconds? I would also like the dimmer and fan speed control to also work between the two switches if possible.

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This will be similar to 3-way dimmer switches. I haven’t done it myself but here’s what I recommend testing:

Associate group 2, 4, 5, and 7 from the non-controlling switch to the controlling switch (load doesn’t matter, it’s the one that is commanding the fan shroud hub via RF), and group 3 and 6 from the controlling switch to the non-controlling switch.

Here, on page 10 is the group descriptions: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/api/kbArticles/407409000002102001/attachments/kw8eq50c812f5d3344bc08295860b8b394c7c/content?portalId=edbsn8bb12d5f5a97d693e61ce4ce8a23f8b0e323eac44a6c2794f893e912acf005df&inline=true

BTW, I’m not even sure if this is possible for an LZW36 to operate without a fan shroud unit, but its worth testing!

Edit: I referenced this thread for proper 3-way association between two dimmer switches: 3-way setup with two LZW31-SN dimmers in HA in endless loop - #5 by analogue

Currently each switch has it’s own shroud unit and control it’s own shroud unit, I have a smart lights association to where the two switches/units mirror each other, and I only share 1 of the switches out to other smart home apps like Homebridge. This works fairly well other than the delay of turning one on and waiting for the other to do the same. That’s why it would be nice to somehow bridge the two switches/shroud units together for them to work as one.