2 LZW36's working together, is there a better way?

My setup in the living room was that there were 2 ceiling fans and they were hooked up on a 3 way switch. I replaced that with 2 LZW36’s and each one works properly separate. However, I want to tie both of them together in some manner. Essentially to where both lights work together from the app and from the switch and to essentially mirror the same function for both lights/fan and both switches.

I have a smart lighting event created where switch 1 light mirrors switch 2 light and switch 2 light mirrors switch 1 light (and the same with the fan) and it kinda works. There is certainly a delay in turning on one light and the other turning on depending on which is controlled first.

I’m just thinking there has got to be a better way, like a lighting group, but it doesn’t appear that I can control a lighting group in smartthings from the buttons. Does anyone have a suggestion?

The problem is that one or the other will turn on first because it’s directly wired, whereas the other has to go through the hub.

You could try webCore, Rule Engine or maybe even an automation to just tell the other switch to turn on when the first one does, and vice versa. Same thing for off. I think you’ll still have a delay because one connection or the other is directly wired.

Or put both switches in a scene and then trigger the scene. Same problem with one being directly wired, though.

It’s the light/fan switch so neither one of them are wired, but the switch is directly paired with the fan unit. The delay isn’t quite the issue, but I’m also having other issues, like sometimes one will not shut off or some funkiness when dimming the lights and such.

Yeah, good point. Not sure what I was thinking.

I think you still ought to be able to trap the switch turning on to use it as a trigger for a scene, automation, etc.

Surely we can rework 3-way dimmer associations to work with the LZW36 and get both fan and light switches to mock each other, right?

I would hope so, but the association app will not work with the 36. :frowning:

Admittedly, I haven’t tried this recently, but what problems are you running into with associations?

Agree with Eric, let us know what you are attempting (hub and app) and give us some screenshots on what is failing and I’d be more than happy to help resolve!

I’ve already deleted the ones that I did have because they weren’t working, but I did do a Smart Lighting under Smartthings where I mirrored light 1 to light 2, and mirrored light 2 to light 1 (going forward, if I mention light 1/2 I also mean I did it with the fans). If I only did mirrored light 1 to light 2 only 1 light switch would turn both lights on, and the other light switch would only turn on 1 light.

Using the association tool, I did just now try selecting button instead of the fan or light switch and it allowed me to create the association, but it doesn’t appear to do anything.

On the association, does it need to be both group 2 and 4 or just group 4?

If I do an association with the light or fan child device, I get a Something went wrong please try to install the smartapp again error.

So I was reading up on the associations of the 30 and 31, is there an equivalent of parameter 12 for the LZW36?

Would you be able to point me in the direction of what the associations should be for the lze36’s? Should it be parent switch to parent switch all the groups, or parent switch to child device for the groups that are associated with the lights/fans? Additionally, is there a parameter like on the red series parameter 12 that needs to be set to 11 so that it doesn’t loop?

@EricM_Inovelli - can you help here?

AS of right now, the only way to accomplish this is to use the Z-Wave tweaker tool from the SmartThings community. You have to set multi-channel associations from one lzw36 to another. Here is an example of the association setup as viewed through PC Controller:

I’ve setup group 2 & 4 to point at node 201.1 (endpoint 1 = light) and group 5 & 7 to point at node 201.2 (endpoint 2 = fan).

Now, in the tweaker tool it looks like you submit the associations as below:


The node ID needs to be in hexadecimal so my node of 201 is converted to C9. The node IDs can be found in the IDE as the Network ID.

So in my example I would submit the association for:

Group 2
Group 4
Group 5
Group 7

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Gotcha, let me play around with that. Is there a way to associate each switch to the other and prevent a loop like with the parameter 12 on the dimmer switches?

I can’t seem to download the z wave pc controller as I also have to download an SDK and can’t seem to find where to download it first.

I will see if I can get it to work in tweaker.

@EricM_Inovelli will this cause a zwave loop if I associate the two switches together?

Yeah, you have to download Simplicity Studios now I believe. PC Controller doesn’t let you do multi-channel associations I think. I haven’t been able to figure it out. Best to use the tweaker.

As for the loop, I am actually not sure. There is not an association behavior parameter, but it may be designed not to send a command after a z-wave command occurs. You might need to have a 1-way association and update the slave switch based on an automation.

I did download Simplicity Studios, but it appears that I have to also request permission. Who knows.

Bummer, I think someone might have posted a link to 5.39 in the forums somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.