2 red's in a 2gang not working

Hi all.

I am putting two red on/off’s in my master bath - one for the vent fan and one for the additional bathroom lights, but am not having any luck getting them to work. My voltimeter tests seem appropriate so I don’t know what’s wrong. Below is a rough sketch of the wiring in the gang.

My multimeter says that the loads are hot and are carrying 120 V. Am I missing something obvious about using two neutrals in the same gang?

Update: jumping the line and load screws while it was hot for a second allowed it to turn on and function. Resetting the breaker killed it again. I have NO idea what that means.

e: and then switching the light off kills the switch, so this must mean they somehow aren’t getting a constant current

@bvan - Power into box should be going to Line on switch. To light and fan should be connected to load. Reverse your connection.


Boy do I feel dumb troubleshooting for two hours when all I did was mix up line and load. Thank you!

I would NEVER do that!!! LOL! That is why I always have someone else check my work :smiley:

At least you know how to use a multimeter. My friends swear by test lights. I cry every time I hear them say that word :joy: