2021-2022 Roadmap

Agree 1000%

I need an outdoor sensor to trip my lights to give my cameras color night vision

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I use this:

with this:

Works well for me.

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Interesting…but I really need Zigbee or Zwave to work with my (Hubitat) hub so I don’t have to piece together a bunch of different technologies. Thx for the idea, though!

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So I guess that answers once and for all who the partnership is with then? XD

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Moved the comment here, my bad – I meant to lock those instructions posts bc they’re meant to be Wiki posts, whoops.

To answer your question – off the record (I think that’s the legal term that won’t get me in trouble)… yes :slight_smile: – super excited!


Haha sorry for messing your topics up! That’s exciting! Congratulations!

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Lol, all good – it was my bad, usually I just put a snippet of code in there that locks everything, but I forgot!

Can’t wait to share the rest with you guys on the record. There’s quite a bit that comes with it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips…but it is specifically the lasso one/extension I sought after. The alternative from another major player in the water sensor/shutoff valve domain is just extremely more expensive than I want for it, despite it looking like a decent one. It kind of reminds me of the situation when I wanted the Sydarm (a paintball marker), which is pistol-sized, unlike most other paintball markers. When I had the funds for it, the manufacturer discontinued selling them to consumers, only licensed security or law enforcement or such training personnel–it was still legal to own (if you could find a used one), but you couldn’t buy it new anymore without that distinction. Well, with perseverance and tenacity, I managed to finally buy a used one. However, in that situation, I had other marker setups that I loved, in this one, unfortunately, I cannot wait long to address my water sensor/valve situation :).

Definitely not Crestron I would know already if that was the case.

And this is what i was hoping for. Now 90% of my automation items in the house will be under the same umbrella. This is a great thing. (As long as we still get that 5 button switch!)


I second that… Bring on the 5 button as well! Will fill a big gap in my own roadmap/capability that I want to replace from my Insteon multi-button switches that I can get more / will be moving away from!

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It’s nice to have some heavy hitters on our team now to negotiate on our behalf :slight_smile: – they are working on the debt negotiations right now and part of that includes the 5-Button, Fan/Light issue, and getting Z-Wave back (although they seem to have the same issues as we do with chip supply).


What about the motion switches? Any movement there?

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Not yet. They want to come in and stabilize things before really hitting hard on innovation outside of what’s already started.

One of the major lessons I learned the hard way… Many times… Is to not spread yourself too thin by creating a ton of SKU’s.

What’s happened in the past is that there are a ton of SKU’s and not enough cash to meet the demand for them. Then we run into issues of being out of stock which is never fun.

So the goal is to get the Red Series back and stable while slowly growing the Blue Series.


I use an outdoor zwave motion + temperature + lux sensor from homeseer. It works, for the most part, although I don’t think it supports humidity. It’s the only outdoor zwave sensor I’ve found that is mains powered, so it’s a repeater and has no battery changes necessary.

I have had some issues with it not always reporting its state, which resulted in it staying on all night. If I had to take a guess I’d say it probably doesn’t properly encapsulate its zwave messages to ensure they’re delivered, so they’re vulnerable to mesh issues.

I “solved” the issue with an automation that runs periodically between sunset and sunrise, and looks for the device reporting that the lights are off, with a brightness value that indicates they’re on, and then sends an additional “off” command.

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This is a very solid plan, I like it alot. I can happily wait for good products, please don’t rush :smiley: I need some(like 20) red switches and some (5 or 6) 6 in 1 motion switch for Aeotec. Damn chip shortage messing with my grand plans!

Is that the Red LZW36 or a Blue series? I’ve got my Red LZW36 set up and I think I may end up creating a thread for the “issue” (not an issue so much as less than desired functionality) I have now that I’ve got hue bulbs in the mix.


LZW36 - there has been an ongoing disconnection issue that has plagued the switch for quite some time that the manufacturer has refused to look into.

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Got it, luckily I haven’t had that crop up, just a desire that the LZW36 functioned like the LZW31-SN in smart bulb mode.

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Is there any plan to be able to buy the Aeotec Zwave sensors on here as well? So far I have just seen the Zigbee sensors.