2021-2022 Roadmap

Potentially down the road. They’re having a lot of the same issues as us supposedly with Z-Wave, so they prefer we start with Zigbee.

Are there any in particular you’re looking for? I can put in a request to see if they’d entertain Z-Wave.

Y’all got any of them Z-Stick 7 Pros?



Any of them, all of them?

I have a few of the Zooz outdoor motion sensors: ZOOZ ZSE29 OUTDOOR MOTION SENSOR – ZOOZ. They have been very reliable, quick triggering and so far the best Zooz product I have bought… Some of the other items not worth the money.

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I have one too. Works well and the batteries lasted 1-2 years.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll get one of these to play around with.

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Thought I’d check in to see if the RGBW BR30 zwave bulb is still on the roadmap for Q3? Any updates to share?

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Things are looking good for Matter “If I were setting up a smart home now, I would avoid buying anything that doesn’t support Thread and/or pledge a Matter update.“