2021 - The Year of Improved User Experience

Hey all! Wanted to give you a quick peek into our vision for improved user experience for 2021. One of the areas that’s been a passion of mine has been user experience. From the moment you come to the site to the moment your product is installed, everything should be simple and easy to navigate.

We’ve tried our best over the years to make this as easy as possible – especially in a market where there’s so much information that it gets overwhelming. However, with limited resources and a rapidly growing company, it’s been hard to dedicate the amount of focus we need to bring the vision to life.

That changes in 2021.

@Brianna_Inovelli and I will be leading Project Glow Up which aims to make navigating the smart home world easy and customized to your own tastes.

Project Glow Up will be an ongoing and never-ending project, but we will continue to update everyone (and solicit ideas/advice) along the way about what’s coming.

We’re very excited about it and we hope it can make things easier for everyone as well as give you a peek under the tent around things to come.