2x Config button scene missing from Firmware

Firmware 1.49 added a feature where pressing the config button 2x would both clear the active notification and also send a 2x pressed scene to the hub. However, it looks like this feature is not present on FW 1.57 (not sure which FW version it disappeared from, as I just now noticed it).

Was this feature deliberately removed?

I think it had to be removed to clear space for other improvements.

Any idea if this feature might make a return?

Hmmmm… this is a good question.

@EricM_Inovelli – do you know the answer here? I’m not sure why they would’ve taken this feature out.

@jtronicus – do you have, “instant on” turned on? Just curious if maybe that disabled the 2x scene reporting (it wasn’t supposed to, but maybe they messed up the firmware).

I do not have “Instant On” enabled, but I did test it both ways, just in case. I also tried changing the physical button delay setting to different values, but it also had no effect.

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AS @kreene1987 mentioned, it was removed. It was included in the “branch” of the firmware that removed all local config options and actually removed some of the parameters (which was a mistake on the engineers part). When that was rolled back the feature was not put back in. I will see if it can be put back in.