3 way configuration issue Black series on/off


I just purchased some black series on/off switches for my basement. I started with the single pole lights and the install went pretty seamless. I then tried to install a 3 way light with the line/load in the same box and followed the wiring diagram. When I went to configure it for a 3 way with a dumb switch via the configure button, I was never able to get the yellow light sequence to match up (1 slow 3 fast). I was able to get four fast yellow lights and when I went with that it still didn’t work. The light does work as long as the dumb switch is on, but if it’s off I get nothing. So it’s acting like it’s still in a single pole configuration. I then tried to pair it with hubitat to see if I could modify it that way. I have the driver from innovelli already installed, but when I click on the device I don’t see anywhere where I can modify the set up (3 way vs single, etc.) I have tried two different black series and I cannot get the configure button to get me to the right spot for selecting 3 way. Is there anyway I can do this in hubitat?


I am having the same issue as the OP. I am not able to get the switch in the correct config area (13).

I ended up emailing support and they recommended updating the firmware on the switch.

Here are the instructions:

The newest version can be found at:

I never tried it as I just moved the switch to a single pole circuit and got a red series which worked.