3-Way configuration with 2 GE add on modules

So I have two LZW31-SN Switches each on different lines and both hooked up to two GE Add-on switches. These were each originally hooked up to a GE z-wave dimmer.I replaced the GE with the inovelli and initially got nothing from the add-on switches. I found the “switch type” in setting and switched between the options and got it to work. “Load Only” does nothing from the add-ons. “3-way-toggle” turn the lights off (if they’re on) and then proceeds to make the relay click on and off no matter if I click up or down on the add-on switch. The LED bar also goes on and off btu the lights don’t ever go back on. Finally, the “3-way Momentary” option works and I can control the lights rom all three switches. The question is, I am able to control the lights but none of the scenes work. I was hoping if I click up or down multiple times on the add-on, I’d get the same functionality form the LZW31-SN. I installed these months ago but was too busy to post about it. Is this a settings issue or a limitation of the hardware/software/firmware? is there a way to get the multi-tap function to pass through to my inovelli dimmer? @EricM_Inovelli

Scenes from Aux switches is not currently supported.

Thanks, Is this in the pipeline?

It’s been discussed. I’m not sure the feasibility with the limitations of the chip. EricM may have more insight on the request though.

Unfortunately, the firmware team has told me that they can’t implement this feature. I will ask again, but they have responded that the feature would be too unreliable.

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