3-Way No neutral

I want to install the Red Series Dimmer (LZW31-SN) into a 3-way light setup with whatever works at my second switch.

At both switches, there are 3 wires, RED, WHITE, and BLACK. NO other wires are in the box at both locations. I assume i don’t have a neutral and there is no bare grounds as well. Older house built in the late 80s.

Additional Info: At one of the light fixtures, there is 4 romex bundles that i can see without digging. Another interesting thing, i need to turn off 2 circuit breakers to fully turn off the power to the lights. My single poles are all 2 hots, no neutral also. Got the dimmer to work on those with no problem.

Any suggestions on how i should go about it?

I’d start by getting your circuit straightened out, best done by an electrician. The fact that you need to turn off two breakers suggests that at some point, someone bundled hots from two different circuits together. Not a good situation.

I kind of figured as much. The 3-way I wanted to install is a hallway. The breakers, from what i can see, is
breaker 1, room 1
breaker 2, bathroom
breaker 1+2, hallway

Im just going to assume that i should not attempt to install this myself.

Somewhat related. Could i bundle the 3 wires from switch 2 together. Cap off the red from switch 1 and use switch 1 as a 1-way single pole switch with the 2 hots?

There is nothing wrong with how your circuit is wired switch-wise. It’s just the two breaker electrical problem. If you get that straightened out, then you should be able to get something wired.

Just having one 3-wire at each switch suggests power to the light, with the light being in the middle. Like this: