3-Way Secondary Switch Speed Very Slow

I did this setup with two Inovelli Dimmer Red LZW31-SN in F1A Configuration using Hubitat. The primary switch is fast, but the secondary switch is much slower - it takes 7-8 seconds to fire the rule. I’ve tried the setup using Hubitat Simple Lighting, the rule wizard and mirroring. All methods have the same result. Sometimes the first command on the secondary control is nearly as fast as the primary switch, but it’s mostly 7-8 second delay. Any ideas?

Why not just associate Switch #2 with switch #1? That way you dont have to rely on rules, as one switch would be directly controlling the other.

I should have mentioned that I also tried switch association. It still takes 7+ seconds and sometimes up to 12 seconds to fire the event.

Have you brought this up on the Hubitat community?

Did you do a z-wave repair after adding the secondary? I don’t have a lot of experience in this area, but from mentions in Hubitat threads, I think these kinds of delays can be the result of a weak z-wave mesh.

Thank you for the advice rjwgnr27. I did a z-wave repair twice, but there was no change in how its acting. I also rebooted the Hubitat. Now, after turning on the primary switch it now randomly turns the lights off after 2-12 seconds… so things are actually worse now. I removed the switch association and the primary switch is working exactly the way it should… but of course the secondary switch no longer functions now; as a result, I had to go back to using the Rule Machine. Of course, this still comes with an excessive delay.

Was this ever resolved, I am having the same issue.

No, still the same problem. Fortunately, the second 3-way switch is rarely used so it’s not very noticeable… still frustrating though.