3 way setup with Enbrighten switch

Hey all,
I haven’t been able to find a clear answer as to whether i can set up an Inovelli Blur 2-in-1 in a 3-way configuration alongside an enbrighten zigbee smart switch? Does that count as the two smart switch setup? Will i keep multi-tap capabilities even if the enbrighten switch doesnt have them?

I have a meross 3 way setup in my hallways now, but i put some hue downlights that i was to run in smartbulb mode. I had a leftover enbrighten switch so i was wondering if i could reuse it for this purpose.

Yes. You’ll have to determine if the Enbrighten is capable of binding, however, as that is how the two switches will communicate. They will not communicate over a wired connection.

Presuming that you put the load on the Inovelli, you’ll have them on the Inovelli only most likely.

Thank you for the response! If it cant do binding then this wont work?

Regardless of how you set up communication, you are going to run a hot and a neutral only to the Enbrighten. If you can’t bind, you still ought to be able to use automations to turn the Inovelli on and off based on turning the Enbrighten on and off. The Enbrighten won’t have a load, but you can still trigger the automations based on the Enbrighten turning on and off.