3-way - simple fix?

I installed one of my new Red Dimmers last night in an existing dumb 3-way setup. Lights are working, but when I switch the circuit at the dumb aux location, the Inovelli turns off (as does the light).

The reset of these threads seem much more complicated than this issue. Hoping someone has a simple suggestion for me.



This post sounds similar 3 way problem but I doubt your circuits are the same. Anyway, for someone to help you will have to draw a sketch of your wiring.


Hope this will help.

  1. The top half is how the switches (2x dumb) were wired previously.
  2. The bottom half shows how it is wired now.

I’ve showed where wires are geouped in sheathing by the circles where I have data available (I did not note this for the original dumb switch #2 that was removed).

Good start :slight_smile:

However from your diagram I can’t quite determine where the power comes in nor the lamp wires.

It would help if you could show which cable each wire goes into? It does not have to be as pretty as the attached but knowing which wires are grouped together is helpful.

You can draw white wires as dashed lines (easier than the parallel lines).
Ignore all the green / bare wires, don’t even draw them in.



Thanks JohnRob. Fail for me for now, and no quick fix, I guess. This will require much more dissection of the two boxes since one already has another light switch in it. And some time for the kitchen lighting to be out of commission.

I’ll have to resume late in the week.