3 way with line in switch box and fixture between switches


I’m writing to ask for help because I didn’t find my exact scenario in the wiring diagrams. I understand that I could use a dumb or aux switch for this scenario, but I have reasons why I would like to use two Inovelli Blue switches. To do this, I believe I need power in both boxes, which I think is possible, but I’m not sure how to correctly do it.

I’m almost certain this is what my wiring currently looks like:

My question is, can I tie neutral together everywhere, then run black from the load terminal in the switch box that has the line coming in to the light, and use the traveler to bring line power through the fixture (but not connected to the light) to the second switch box? The second box would essentially have a hot red wire connected back to the line, neutral, and ground, leaving the load and traveler terminals on the switch disconnected. Then I could bind the switches together to have the second switch wireless communicate to the first switch.


After some more searching I dug this up:

I believe this is what I want, just with 2 lights instead of 1 in my case, which makes it even easier.