4 way wiring with red dimmer and 2 x zooz on/off switches

I ordered some Zooz Zen76 on/off switches and have a few 3 and 4 way setups where I’d like to have a Red Dimmer along with 1 or 2 of the Zooz switches in the same circuit.

Can this be done? If so, what wiring scheme do I need to follow?

All of the diagrams either show using a dumb switch or an Aux switch when paired with a Red dimmer.

Nope. If you are seeking wired interoperability with the LZW31, you will need to use either dumb switches or one of the three Aux switches that are supported.

You Might be able to use associations but as @Bry you cannot wire them together. You would need a neutral in the zooz boxes and the dimmer unless you put the dimmer in the load box and run it in a non neutral configuration.

If you install them with only line and neutral connected you can associate group 2, which is on-off control, between them all and then all of them will turn the others on and off. For dimming at the Zooz’s, you’d need to use scenes in the hub assuming the Zooz sends central scene commands.

The idea I was thinking was having the red dimmer in the load box and connecting the zooz On/Off switches in the other two boxes and wiring them up the same way you would using three red dimmers and then associating them so the dimmer can dim but the others can only operate as on/off.

This circuit is only on/off today so thats primarily what it would be used for however, I’d like the ability to dim occasionally which would likely be done via zwave command and is the purpose for having the dimmer in the mix.

This won’t work?

That’s exactly what we’re describing. I’ve associated Inovelli dimmers and switches and that works, so it should work the same between a Zooz and an Inovelli. Just associate group 2 for on-off.

In that wiring scheme, the Inovelli could be placed in any of those boxes. You use the red to feed the load output from the Inovelli to the right box where the red then connects to the black load wire.

If @jerryacrocker wants to occasionally dim the light, the dimmer would need to go in the load box

It can be any box in that scheme. All boxes have wires for line and neutral as well as the extra red which can be used to pass the load output to the load box.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a go when they arrive and report back.

As always, greatly appreciate the help from everyone here!

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I finally have these wired up… ended up doing two red dimmers and 1 Zooz on/off switch. Followed the Inovelli wiring diagram for using 3 red dimmers, load / line in separate boxes with neutral.

I’ve setup on/off group for all switches in zwavejs2mqtt. I was able to control the lights from the dimmer but that stopped after the association/group was made.

When I remove the association for the on/off parameter, I can again control the lights from the red dimmer at the load. I do notice though that my lights are making a slight buzz noise…

I can hear the relay in the zooz switch click when I tap the dimmers but nothing else happens.


Did you disable the zwave hub association behavior on the dimmer that isn’t controlling the load as well as on the Zooz switch? On the dimmer it’s parameter 12 you set it to 11 which is disabling to zwave hub partial parameter in zwaveJS. I have no idea how to do it on the Zooz.

You should be able to associate group 2-4 between the dimmers both ways and group 2 between the load controlling dimmer and the zooz switch both ways.

So both Inovelli switches function with the usual associations and the non load switch having the zwave hub setting disabled.

The Zooz has the below parameters available. Also maybe significant here is that when doing associations with Zooz, I have to select a node endpoint (only option is 0). With the red dimmers I can leave that blank. With Zooz I get no options in the group field it I leave it blank. Perhaps I need to select node endpoint 0 on the inovelli switches in this case too? I’m not sure what that field actually translates to.

So I set the association on the red dimmers to match the node endpoint of 0 for the on/off group and now I have proper control of all three switches!

Only thing that still remains is that I hear a slight buzzing sound coming from the lights. They are on full brightness and are the same led lights I have throughout my house. I have red dimmers everywhere and do not have this issue anywhere.

Also noteworthy that the Zooz switches I have elsewhere are single pole with the same lights and no buzz.

Any ideas on that?

Any chance the lights are bulbs so you could switch the round to see if the buzzing follows or stays?

But the lights are hooked to the Red dimmer right, not the Zooz switch right?

The Red dimmer with association should be working the same as any other single pole application. You have the neutral sand single type set correctly?

They are all recessed LED lights… not so simple to just swap out unfortunately.

Here is a mock up of the wiring scheme that I used. Pretty sure this is right. Blue is the neutral wires :slight_smile:

May need to redraw. The neutral on the outer switches just connect to each other. How does neutral get to the light? Is neutral coming from load center like line is drawn?

Only white should be used as neutral too.

Still, center dimmer controls the load, should be set as neutral and 1-pole. Then, it’s no different than any other neutral and 1-pole location.

The middle switch with the load is the only box that has an actual neutral wire in it. So I’ve tied into that and my thought would be that it is providing that to the other two switches as they are all connected via the neutral terminals back to that neutral pigtail in the middle box.

Is that not allowed?