50% to 100% brightness from switch not working

When my switch is set to partial brightness, clicking up on the switch does nothing. To get it to full brightness locally, I have to either hold up on the switch to ramp it up or tap down to turn off and then tap up to turn on. Tapping up to go to full brightness works only if the switch is turned off. Here are my parameter values:

  • parameter1value (Dimming Speed): 1
  • parameter2value (Dimming Speed from switch): 3
  • parameter3value (Ramp Rate): 101
  • parameter4value (Ramp Rate from switch): 101
  • parameter5value (Minimum Level): 20
  • parameter6value (Maximum Level): 99

I can I get the switch to go to full brightness when I tap up while partially dimmed?

Strange? What is parameter 9 set to?

parameter9value (Default Level from switch): 100

Yes I agree it’s strange. I want to get this switch working a-okay before I install more. This is the last issue.

Other details that may help clarify - This is connected to a neutral wire and the switch type is Load Only

Hmmm? Maybe I am misunderstanding what you’re trying to say. When you say

“When my switch is set to partial brightness”

Are you stating that the switch is on…as your title implies at 50%? or is it off?

And when you say

“clicking up on the switch does nothing.”

Are you saying that when you push up once, the switch stays at the current level (50%) and you’re expecting it to go to 100% (well 99% anyway)?

Yup, you got it. The scenario is:

  1. Light is off
  2. Hold up on switch to go to 50% brightness
  3. Light is on at 50%
  4. Push up on switch
  5. No noticeable difference. I expect it to go to 100%

Okay Good, I’m glad I asked. Sorry for the confusion on my part.

So I believe the behavior you are seeing is correct. When setting parameter 9 to 99 I would only expect to see the light go to 99% when the dimmer is initially off.

That being said, depending on the hub you are using(?), you could create a rule (or whatever your hub calls them) such that whenever button 1 is pushed, you could have the dimmer set the level to 99%. I kind of do this with Hubitat. But I set the max level dependent on the time of day. Nothing worse than having the bathroom lights go to 1,000,000% at 2:00 am. :crazy_face::astonished::crazy_face:

I have Hubitat. Can I do this with the black series switch or only the red series?

For sure a Red Series. Not having any Black series dimmers to test, I’m not sure.