5x Blue series mmWave on store (mispriced?)

The 5 box is $431. Which works out to $86.20 a unit. A single is $75. Is this correct? Why would anyone buy a 5 unit. For clarity: a 10 unit is $690.

I need 5. Before I buy 5 individual ones, using extra packaging, I wanted clarification. Seems incorrect that a 5 pack would cost most than 5 individual ones. The red 5 pack is discounted 20%, not 3% like the blues. What’s up?


@Eric_Inovelli -Tagging the Shopify guy.

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Should be fixed - idk what happened there but it was applying the discount for the single pack instead of the 5-Pack.

For the record though, they will still come in individual boxes :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I’m a few blues short for my remodel and figured I might as well supplement the missing ones with the presence sensing stuff. Looking forward to giving it a try!