Hey guys,

I’m feeling generous, and I thought everyone should know there’s a pretty sweet deal going on right now until Thursday Friday (extended to Friday thanks to our friends in Oklahoma City who literally copied our ad and pricing – we want to extend this another 24hrs) on Amazon (US and Canada)!

On/Off Black Series = $24.97 (Normally $32.97)
On/Off Red Series = $29.97 (Normally $38.97)

USA - Red Series
USA - Black Series
Canada - Red Series <-- Note: something funky is going on here and a ticket has been sent to AMZ Canada. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Canada - Black Series

Get em while they’re hot!

PS – If any of you have a SlickDeals account, I’d love for you to share these sweet deals!


Oh man, I ordered mine Friday morning once they became available, and they just arrived in the mail last night… I should have waited a couple days, this is a great deal!

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Great deal @Eric_Inovelli!

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Smart home build-out continues. Ordered 4 Red Series…

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Thanks for the heads up, Eric. I only bought 4 more switches so as to leave some for other buyers!


Ooooo… Money… Burning… Holes … In… Pockets…:thinking:


I’ll post on my HA group

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Thanks all, I sincerely appreciate it! You guys are awesome :slight_smile:

Eric…I posted on my HA group and someone got back to me that Amazon lists these as ‘neutral required’ after I stated no neutral required.

Under 3 way, it states neutral required, but also on the grid ‘Neutral Required’ is marked ‘yes’

Hey @mgreenb561 – Neutral wire is required for the On/Off switches – sorry for the confusion!

The dimmers can be used in either a Non-Neutral or Neutral setting.

The sale is for the On/Off switches.

Hopefully that makes sense? Sorry, I’m a bit frazzled today!

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Amazon. You can return them free and buy more

Ha my bad. I just bought some…guess i’ll be doing some wiring

I posted this on SlickDeals

I tried to post this on SlickDeals but it was removed since Inovelli is an Amazon 3rd party seller with less than 1K seller rating.

Awwww man… Who rates sellers lol? Silly SlickDeals.

I just opened it up on our website, so maybe they’ll allow it now since it’s our actual site (they did for Pre-orders so I think it should work)

Thanks again for your help!!

It looks like Slickdeals accepted the post with the links directly to your site.


Wow all the on/off Reds sold out on Amazon.ca already. Loaded page and then opened a gang to double check for neutral wire… got back to add to cart and got the ol amazon dog, refreshed no more red only black version doh.

Any hope for more stock with a later delivery date before sale ends? Or is it now blacks or nothing :slight_smile:

Wish I had seen this yesterday, just dropped in today random to see status on pre-ordered dimmers and this popped up, had kinda stopped keeping tabs when the pre-order update emails stopped, nice to find updates thread, exciting.

Hey @EvilAaron – that’s super weird, I’m showing we still have plenty left (but I’m also getting the dog page) – let me check with Amazon to see what’s going on. Thanks for the heads up!

Hi! I had 3 in my cart last night… I was in bed. Amazon wanted to confirm credit card number so I decided to wait this morning… Can’t see the red anymore on amazon.ca, any news?

Hey @simriv123 - I have a support ticket out to Amazon right now. Hopefully I’ll hear back. If the sale ends prior to then getting it back up, we’ll honor the price for you!

Sorry for the inconvenience, idk what’s going on with them right now, but I’m pretty upset!