A 100w Equivalent RGBW Bulb

Can you make a 100w equivalent RGBW Z-wave bulb similar to these wifi bulbs with color tuning and RGB?

Seems like no one makes a 100w RGBW equivalent in Z-wave.


Something we could take a look at, certainly!

Just wish people would buy our RGBW A19 806W bulbs outside of @bcopeland, @frcastellanos, and @Daweeze :rofl: (thanks for carrying the team guys lol)


I have a ton of inovelli bulbs… They work great


I would buy 100W equivalent too… I have a few outdoor zigbee spotlights I would love to get rid of

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I bought three of the 60w, but the rest of the locations where I want “smarts” (probably 8 locations) have 100w equivalent LED bulbs. Keeping good light levels trumps fancy controls for me.

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They have been fantastic. Love the output and build quality so far.


ilumins rock!


I have a number of jumbled thoughts.

First regarding the Inovelli 806’s. My decorator (and wife) is not into color but I purchased an ilumini RGBW out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised at the true rendition of the whites. I’ll be getting more just for that. I also thought the colors would be cute for different holidays. Current the RGBW is RED and near the front picture window lighting the Red heart in support for the Covid-19 “front liners”

Anyway I was also very impressed how easy it was to pair with my Hubitat Hub and controlling it was a snap. So I posted a review on Amazon stating how happy I was.

Now for a 1600 lumen RGBW bulb. I noted the referenced Novostella is approx 85 watt equivalent and many folks were disappointed with its brightness. And the last time I was at HomeDepot looking for a bright outside flood 100w eq was about the max. There was a 120W but it cost too much for just adding the difference in lumens. So I think a single color 100 - 120 watt eq is about the limit for current LED technology in an Edison base. Yes you can find a specialty 150W eq flood that may or may not reach the 2200+ lumen mark or a corn light bulb and then only in a single color.

INHO, Point being at the current level of LED technology a 1300 lumen RGBW in an A19 configuration is not in the cards.

Are you saying that you don’t think that 1300 lumen Wifi bulb is actually 1300 lumens, or is it only at a middle 3500K color temperature when all the LEDs are maxed out?

To be honest I only know what I’ve read regarding the referenced 1300 RGBW. A few reviews complained the brightness of that bulb is disappointing. I also know the ad states 100W but at 1300 lumens is about equal to a 85 W incandescent. So they stretch the specs

And is seems 1600 lumens is about max for a white A19 LED bulb albeit with some exceptions but certainly not mainstream.

Philips has a "100W equivalent that is 1500 lumens
Cree’s 100W eq is 1600 lumens
Feit 100W eq is 1600 lumens

So I think its “ambitious” to look for a 1600 lumen RGBW and I don’t even know how it would be rated.

I know for different colors the base semiconductor is different and the efficiencies from one to another can be 4:1.
I also know that as current is increased and internal “light” is generated the amount of light that leaves the LED structure drops to the point of diminishing returns.

So to answer your question, in my opinion you won’t see a true 100w RGBW A19 for a while.

I think of it this way:
Today you can buy a number of cars that have 6 cylinder engines producing 200+ HP
Not too long ago that was impossible in a production vehicle. Yes you could do it with special racing parts but not common run of the mill vehicles.
I think 1600 lumen RGBW bulbs are in the pre 200 HP category.

I would much prefer Inovelli LZW42 bulbs (I only have 1) but the main issue for me is that they only go up to 6500k and I need up to 9000k like my TP Kasa Bulbs.

Another issue for me on the firmware side of things is that I can’t do direct entry of the temperature and the control for it the color temp is flipped (0 is 6500k and 100 is 2700k) and when I set it, the value does not persist, at least not in OpenHAB.

A 100w equivalent would be great. Security-wise, it would be good to have my foyer bulbs on at 60w / 2700k and then kick up to 100w / 7500k when a perimeter logic is violated.

I signed up just to give a giant +++++ to this. The above linked Novostella is a Tuya based device, with newer firmware which means there’s no path to OTA flash at this time without disassembling :frowning: I’d happily spend the money and setup zigbee and get bulbs from a site like this that WANTS their users to use their devices how they want.

Please, PLEASE make something like this!

Are your 800lm (I assume lumen, not watts…) bulbs full RGB + WW + CW? I might just have to check out those bulbs. What’s the difference between " Ilumin RGBW Smart Bulb" and “Unboxed Ilumin RGBW Smart Bulb”? As far as I see there’s no difference except price!

It doesn’t come in a fancy box or instructions. Definitely a killer deal!

Oh. Well, duh! Screw fancy boxes, and the instructions and highly detailed manual is in PDF on the product page anyway. Why should I want a fancy box? LOL.

But is it RGB + WW + CW?

Honestly, no idea…too many acronyms for me.

It looks like it might…

But unfortunately says sold out right now. So @Eric_Inovelli, if you want me to buy a bulb and give it a whirl to hopefully buy a bunch more, need to have them in-stock. Can’t find them on Amazon either :frowning:

You may have to wait a while…unfortunately. Unless you’re super wealthy and want to fund the bulb project (700 series bulbs)

Let me go out and win the lotto jackpot!

Lol, yeah… welcome to the world of Inovelli… demand outweighs supply :frowning:

Maybe one day we’ll have enough money to keep up with demand!

We’re working on it, I promise :crazy_face: