Abode Z-Wave Gateway not pairing with LZW36

Recently purchased and installed LZW36 Fan/Light control. Switch itself works as intended to control the ceiling fan and lights. I can’t seem to get it to pair with Abode.

I’ve tried exclusions, and it finds them when I exclude.

When I pair, the switch blinks green as if it paired correctly but it never appears as a device in Abode.

Detecting Z-Wave Network Signal returns green.

I’ve also the Z-Wave factory reset.

Any other thoughts?

Hey apologies for not seeing this until now. I don’t believe Abode supports multi-channel devices, so unfortunately, I don’t think the fan/light switch will work at this time.

Were you ever able to get it to work?

We can also try reaching out to Abode to see if we can help in any way, but the last time we checked (about 3yrs ago), they did not support multi-channel devices as we sold a 2-Channel smart plug.