Acuity Brands WF6

Saw some discussion in the past about these wafer lights. Currently have 9 of them on a 2-in-1 blue and am having issues getting them to work correctly.

I have tried single pole/single full sine, leading and trailing edge, on/off and dimming, and combinations of those with really no improvement.

Dimming with leading edge is a disaster and just blinks…
On off with leading edge seems to say least work correctly most of the time.

Dimming with trailing edge kinda works, but it ramps to about 80 to 90 percent then blinks a bit then goes to full…

On/off with trailing edge seems to go up to full… blink once and then be ok…

Anyone have other suggestions of what to try here? I know these lights have a very limited compatibility list, but I need to use them to match the rest of my house.

Videos are here… both videos are trailing edge. One on off and one dimmer

I had ordered these lights to use (4" recessed can slim wafer) with homeassistant and zigbee, and I was unable to get them to work at all. Whenever I was able to get them to pair with my zigbee hub they would interfere with other devices on the zigbee network. I don’t (yet) have an inovelli switch but I came across a thread about the products on this forum when I was troubleshooting them.

These are the non zigbee ones using the 2 in 1 as a dimmer. I couldn’t get the zigbee ones to work at all.

Oh sorry, I misread that part of your message!