Add on dimmer switch to match LZW31-SN

Recently installed 3 LZW31-SN’s and love them. Unfortunately, for ease of using the RGB notifications, I was unable to put the dimmers in the position I wanted to in a 3 way configuration due to line coming into the opposite electrical box. I would like to be able to purchase an add-on switch that would take the place of my “dumb switch” so I have better visibility to the notifications RGB’s from my family room. If they looked the same as the LZW31-SN, it would meet the WAF and make everyone happy :slight_smile:

I’m quite sure there is a model number of auxiliary switch mentioned either in the writing guide or in the main instructions sheet. As I recall it might have been another brand. Please check. I’ll also look when I get a chance and reply here if I find it.

My apologies—the wiring guide does not mention a specific model–it only says to look for GE and HomeSeer. This is in “PLEASE NOTE” right below step 2. I looked on Amazon and they have a GE aux switch: . I actually did not find a Homeseer auxiliary switch, only the main switch. Hope this helps…I may be going that way myself.

These are the switches I procured for my aux setups. I haven’t installed any yet, but hope to get a few in this week.

Thanks guys. I actually have those aux switches paired with some GE Z WAVE switches; they work well. I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my description. My “wishlist” item would be for Innovelli to make an add on switch that included the RGB strip that would also show the notifications. So look and feel would be the same the red series dimmer, but you would have a “master and slave”. Hope that makes more sense.

Definitely. I know their on the “to-do” list; meaning making some aux switches.

I would love to see this! I hate mismatched switches.