Adding Innovelli Zwave Config files to HA

I’m new to Innovelli’s products and plan to add more in the future. I have read that you need to add custom zwave config files. I have found 2 methods but i don’t know which is right. I’m running HA Core .114 with on NUC with HassOS 4.13.


They’re largely the same, with the first link on HA forums being broadly set so you can add other inovelli products later. That said, it’s technically out of date with new products out (fan/light switch and motion sensor) but the concept still applies.

Second link is specifically for adding the LZW-31SN switch only, but is using the same method.

I’d either Petro’s guide in the HA forums (though he misses the first step being to shut down your z-wave network before editing files), or closely examine his method and install all the current files and required edits from here:

And if this is your first Z-wave device, I’d recommend just going to the OZW beta now, since they will eventually be replacing the current integration, and actually stays updated on it’s own.