Additional Wiring Question


@Bry here is my new post. The 2 middle switches are the same model as the other one that I replaced. I am guessing that I need to still check the wiring for this box but if the switches have the same set up as the other can I do the same thing that I did before?

The dimmer on the switch that I just replaced worked well even with the old switch. However, the 2 switches in the picture run very poorly when I try to dim them. It is basically full brightness or completely off. If I try to find a middle dim level it flickers and goes on and off.

That is probably a bulb issue and not a dimmer issue.

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This is exactly what you get when you dim non-dimmable LEDs. The LED driver circuit in the bulb doesn’t know how to handle the partially cut off sinewave a dimmer creates, so it flips out- it’s trying to maintain 100% output for the DC LED but it’s not getting enough juice on the 120v side to do it.

Swap your bulbs for LEDs specifically marketed as dimmable, and the problem should go away. I suggest do this before you change your switches.

Note that with LED bulbs, color temperature is something to consider, and the higher CRI, the better- higher CRI bulbs will create a more natural light so colors look correct.

So a couple questions:

  • Are the middle two dimmers (I’ll call them B and C) 2-ways. That is, are they the only dimmer that control whatever they are controlling, or are there multiple switches/dimmers that correspond to these 2?

  • What are these dimmers controlling? More cans? Is so, same as before, or others?

  • Are all four switches in the box on the same circuit. i.e. when you shut off the breaker, do the lights ALL FOUR switches/dimmers are controlling go out?

Yes, I’ll need to see the connections and into the box with ALL 4 switches pulled out.

And just double-checking, nothing in this box is related to what we did in the other thread, right?

These bulbs are in a different location (kitchen) as the ones from the other post (basement). I am not sure which type of bulbs they are but they look very similar to the ones in my basement.

The bulbs in my basement work great with the new dimmer.

Crap, lol. Ok, disregard what I just posted. I have your dimmers confused. So please answer my other questions and post some pics and we’ll get you going.

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