After recent Z-Wave JS UI update (2.0.2) Red 2-in-1 required re-interview and now they are flickering

After recent update of Z-wave JS UI all my Inovelli 2 in 1 dimmers required re-interviewing. After this process all my lights (no transformer, just regular 4" Halo recessed lights) are flickering. I already have bypass capacitor installed.

Changing settings from “leading edge” to “trailing edge” is not helping.

  1. Does somebody observed that issue?
  2. Any idea on how to solve it?


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That is odd, it should not have done anything to the switch or affected how they work.

I got the same update and it triggered a reinterview, but I don’t have any adverse effects

It stoped. Maybe it was just circumstantial (oddly enough we got not from PG&E at the same time stating that they are planning to do some maintenance)
I’ll continue to monitor it


I too had the reinterview but no other issues.