Air gap not working?

I’ve installed 12 of the Blues from the most recent batch and about half of them aren’t doing anything when I pull the air gap. Light stays blue, load stays on, etc. I’ve confirmed that line and load are correct (pulling the load turns off the load and leaves the switch powered on, pulling line turns off the switch and the load, can measure voltage on the line). Not sure what else could be the issue?

Yikes, can you post a video of this so I can share with the manufacturer?

I figured out the issue. Apparently there’s two different distances you can pull the air gap out to and since my first switch powered off at the shorter distance I didn’t realize there was a longer one. For some of the switches the short pull is sufficient but others require the long pull.

Both on short pull, left still powered:

Left on long pull, powered down:

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Pull out game weak. Glad you figured it out.