Amazing Sale on Black Series at the New!

Enter the coupon code: SpringFirst (Case sensitive) – just trust me

In honor of finally launching a new site (it’s been almost 2 years…) we wanted to give some pretty amazing deals on our Black Series line as we feel they haven’t gotten enough love lately.

From now until the end of March (or supplies last), our Black Series lineup can be purchased using the code: SpringFirst

As always, look for our Unboxed lineup as well (brand new products, just no box):

A special shoutout to @anon14959390 and @Brianna_Inovelli for their hard work on this site. It looks amazing and we hope you all love it!

Disclaimer: We tried our best to find all the bugs (and thank you for all who helped us) and a lot of the upgrades happened behind the scenes operationally – so, if you find something that doesn’t work or needs changing, please let us know!


I am unable to use the coupon code. I have the Black series switches in my cart.

@kwt99 - I just went through it. It worked for me. You’re using SpringFirst as the coupon right?

I used SpringFirst!
Do I have to leave out the “!” ?

@kwt99, yes leave off the “!”.

Is Canada supported on the site yet?

Yes, Canada should be supported!

So far, I am loving my red series dimmers! I have only scratched the surface on advanced functionality and my brand new smart home powered by Hubitat.

There are several switches I need to make smart that don’t need dimmers. I’m not expecting much from the black series, but does pressing the config button register as a switch in Hubitat? I would love to have that button toggle my rooms lamps, while saving cash to spend on more Inovelli tech… :smile:

Thanks man! We really appreciate it :blush:

I’m 99% sure the answer is no, but let me tag @EricM_Inovelli to check.

How are you liking Hubitat?

I came from Wink, and I’m technically minded. So in one regard, I’m LOVING the local processing, and extreme flexibility. But on the other hand, the learning curve is so steep and the UI is mediocre, that it’s been frustrating finding the time to dedicate to learning. Overall no regrets.

As a new customer, the communities & documentation (both Inovelli and Hubitat) are a bit hard to wrap my head around. Which means that they are active and flourishing, but sometimes information I find is old, fragmented, incomplete, or requires reading & digesting months of back-chats.

It’s the biggest reason I haven’t gotten my Red Switches fully configured. I understand the high level concepts of switch to switch communication and LED notification (via child switches), but haven’t worked up the nerve to set aside a couple hours and dive in. PS - if Inovelli made walkthrough videos on how to set up those two features, that would be SUPER useful. :nerd_face:

For the black series, the config button does not signal to the hub when it is pressed. It is still used for configuration, inclusion, exclusion, etc. You probably guessed that though. :slight_smile:

What is the accuracy of the light sensor in the multi sensor? I have some from other brands and the sensor is very inaccurate.

Me too lol. I’ve had it since it pretty much came out, but switched over about a year ago to ST (I love Hubitat and bought one, just too busy to switch everything over and now with ST’s new app working well, who knows maybe I’ll stick it out).

This is good input and we’re actually in the process of trying to make things a bit more user friendly. Heck there’s sometimes I try to find something and can’t haha!

The first step was to clean up the website, which we just did with the launch of the new one late last week.

The next is to continuously update our knowledge base and organize that better:

Simultaneously, we’ll be revamping this forum to make things easier and more organized. Look for an update sometime in early April.

From there it’s just a matter of dumping in information (How-To’s, Educational videos, etc).

Ultimately, we’d like to have it organized by hub so you can have specific knowledge to your setup.

We do have this bad boy written: [HOW-TO] Hubitat: Setting Up "Scenes" in Rule Machine

Thanks again for the feedback and your patience while we get organized! We’re getting there!

You can always us hubconnect to link both hubs while migrating devices over as time allows. That being said once you taste local control with these cool Inovelli devices you’ll never go back :wink:

I’m also curious how well the multi-sensor works, given at some point soon I’ll have too few zigbee repeaters to maintain a functional mesh.

I feel like that would make for a great firmware upgrade, along with double tap for full brightness on the dimmers. Just double tap :slight_smile:

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on the black series switches… is the indicator led addressable… ie… either off when the switch is on and then a custom color when off? I see red color is shown in the marketing photos… but I want an on/off switch only (no scenes needed) where I can set the color when off and then either control the color when on or have the indicator light just turn off when the switch is on.

@jimmyt - Here’s a couple screenshots of the black series on/off. The LED is customizable to an extent. Hopefully this helps.

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Speaking of Hubs…under the ‘ilumin’ products, select and hub (in my case Smartthings) and then click on "learn more’ Links are not found. FYI… :slight_smile:

This is a great deal, but $20 shipping to Canada? Ouch. That puts the price within $4 of buying from Amazon. Plus, depending on who you are shipping it with and what level of service, I could have to pay duty and taxes on top of the price of ordering it from Inovelli. Is there any Canadian retails that will honour the sale?