Animated LED Notifications Not Possible On IPad

Today while recreating my LED notifications with the Red Series Dimmer Switch Edge driver, I realized that this cannot be done on an IPad. In Smartthings, you are required to deselect the radial buttons that turns on/off the switch when the led notification is triggered (assuming you only want the led notification and don’t want the switch to toggle). On iPad, the radial buttons cannot be deselected in the ST app and it forces you to chose one of the three options. I then tried to set up the led notification through the ST app on my Samsung phone and it did allow the radial buttons to be deselected. I was able to set up all my led notifications on my phone.

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before so wanted to put up a post about it. I’m not a software expert so I’m not sure if this is an issue with the Red Series Edge driver or the IPad version of the ST app.

It sounds like you are referring to this issue on IOS. When you de-select on/off, the notification options get disabled. Samsung is aware and is reportedly working on it.

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Yes, that is exactly the same issue I’m seeing. Thanks for the response and apologies for the duplicate topic.
On a side note, I was dreading the conversion to Edge thinking I would lose a lot of functionality I had with my webcore pistons. However, I’m actually liking the centralization into the ST app and so far Ive been able to recreate everything I need. The weird hiccups like this “IOS vs Android” thing do drive a person crazy though when we’re already trying to work through this Edge transition. Glad Samsung is aware. Thanks again.

In addition to using Routines, take a look at Sharptools Rule Engine for the more complex automations. I didn’t have anything in webCore that the Rule Englne couldn’t handle. Strong user community over there as well.