Anyway to read the current configuration of a given switch?

I have just installed HomeSeer 4 and trying it out with a few LZW31-SN switches. While HS4 doesn’t seem to natively detect/support the LZW31-SN switch, it does recognize it properly as a ZWave node, and allows me to configure it/set parameters directly in the node settings.

Is there a way to read the switch’s current configuration value for a given parameter before overriding it? I cannot seem to find anything.

Similarly, is there any way to read the device’s installed firmware version and/or update it from within HomeSeer directly?



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Yeah this is non-obvious… works in HS3, probably HS4 also.
Just go to the settings page, DON’T put in a value to set the parameter to, and hit set. It will communicate and then the value field will populate with the current value.

On the firmware page you can probably see the current version but you can’t update it- HomeSeer doesn’t have the ability to update multiple firmware targets per device (Red dimmer has 2).

:+1: Thanks! I tried that and it worked great, although not the most convenient to get the config value every time (need to manually clear the setting each time).

Is there any tooling that can be used to set config settings to multiple devices in a single shot? For instance, I want to change all the dimming speeds on all my switches, but find that I’m doing it one-at-a-time, which is a very cumbersome process.



A lot of that cumbersome-ness is the slow loading of each device page and then the settings section. Easy way around that- use events. Make an event that’s manually triggered, with the action being Z-Wave action, set a parameter.

Even if you just keep this event as a one-off, so when you need to change a setting you go to the event, select the dimmer and parameter number and set a value, then run the event, it is sometimes faster than going in the device page.

Hope that helps!