Applying settings to a group of switches

I have Blue series switches and fan switches installed in multiple houses with Hubitat. In one of my rental houses I have 20 light switches and 7 fan switches installed.

My property manager notified me that one of the light switches would not turn off the light. I looked at the config and it was changed to smart bulb mode (I had it turned off). I’m guessing one of the guests changed the config by pressing the config button (there were a lot of young kids staying).

I reset the configuration back to the default, but wondered if the other switches were fine. With 20 light switches this is a painful manual process to check each switch.

It would be nice to have a feature where I could define one configuration and apply it to a group of switches. Has anyone developed this before? My switches are all configured the same and setting them up initially was a long process. In my home I have 50+ switches and wished I had this feature to apply one config to a group of switches.

@breazile, no there is no way to do batch config that I am aware of. If I remember correctly this is a limitation of Zigbee/Z-Wave protocol. I may be wrong on the protocol limitation but that is what I remember of the top of my head.

It would probably need to be an app in the hub or something like that. Another idea would be a side-by-side view of switch settings, or some app that could compare settings against one switch and highlight which switches have different configs. If you have ever tried to manage a house that has all smart switches then you will feel my pain :slight_smile:

There’s scripts like this for Home Assistant that can bulk perform actions: Inovelli Blue series flooding Zigbee network - #53 by zanix

I’m not familiar enough with Hubitat to know if there’s an easy way to write a script like that.

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@rohan thanks, Hubitat I have not seen anything and do not know enough of HA yet. @breazile I do I manage my home, A friends home and cabin (which is 150 miles away), and Daughter’s, have not found an easy way to update parameters.

I might have to let the code money out of the cage and give it a shot. I have not written anything for Hubitat, but it sounds like a good project.

@breazile, I stand corrected here are a couple ways to do it in Hubitat. You could create a rule in rule machine that targets all of the 2-1 switches. Have the action be a custom command and use either set parameter or set private cluster:

Hubitat has a built-in app called “Preference Manager” that does bulk changes to device settings

If you don’t see it in you apps list, then click the “add built-in app” button and select “Preference Manager” to add it to the apps list.


Thanks @mamber I will be adding this and learning it!