Are toggle aux-switches compatible with red-series dimmer?

So, because I have no neutral available, I need to use a red or black series dimmer. (I don’t even plan on using the dimming feature with it, but doesn’t look like there’s a simple on/off that works without neutrals.) After reading the documentation, it says I can use the GE Enbrighten Paddle aux-switches. However, the other lights have toggles on them, and I’d just like them to be toggles. Anyone know Red/Black series works with the GE Enbrighten Add-On 46200? I can replace the plates, but was just curious as I have some other locations with 4 switches in one box and can’t just swap one.


Can’t answer your question about the toggle add-on, but just so you are aware, with the dimmer you can turn on Smart Bulb Mode to get the dimmer to act like a switch and always turn on the light at full brightness.

I use paddles (47896) currently, but I took a look at the toggle for you. They both seem to work the same, so you would be fine with the 46200.

Thanks Bry!

Cool! Thanks for looking into that for me!