Associating Multiple Switches, can slaves control the master?

The more I read the more I confuse myself. I setup an association between 3 red dimmers using option 2 and 4. Each dimmer is a separate circuit controlling separate lights. From the master switch I can dim up and down with buttons and all the switches dim in sync perfectly. But this only gives me 1 switch to control everything. Is it possible for the 2 slave dimmers to do the same thing?

Yes, you should be able to do this.

The Master dimmer should associate with both slave dimmers using association groups 3 and 4 (group 3 is better than group 2 in this situation).

Each slave switch should associate to the master switch only, using groups 3 and 4 (you will need to use group 3 here or it wont work properly). On each slave switch, set parameter 12 to the value ā€œ11ā€ (this is to prevent commands from getting bounced back and forth forever)

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Ok most of that made sense to me! But how do you change the parameter 12? Iā€™m using Hubitat.

Scratch that, figured out how to change parameter 12.

I got it working! Thank you so much!

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