Association Group 4 (Start/StopLevelChange) for LZW30-SN

I remember we had touched on this about a year ago in the Projects Lights Out thread but it’d be awesome if we could have Association Group 4 (StartLevelChange and StopLevelChange) enabled on the LZW30 Red Series On/Off switch. I know it wasn’t meant to have the held/released events but since it does, being able to use association groups to dim the Ilumin bulbs would make everything faster.

I’m not sure if Association Group 3 would work (since there’s no dim level on these bulbs) but if it won’t, maybe Association Group 3 could be for double taps. Less important but would be nice!


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Tagging @EricM_Inovelli as we have an alternate firmware out to the manufacturer.

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@EricM_Inovelli – sorry to revive an old topic, but do you know if this was added?

The official response from the firmware engineer was that there was not enough space to add the additional association groups.



It clearly sounds like it’s time for a 700 series upgrade :wink:


Ask and you shall receive… We’ve kicked off this project :slight_smile:


Thanks @EricM_Inovelli . I thought we were removing local config actions to make space for the configurable delay. Any chance that also makes space for this? Would be great to have these association groups added.

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We are to the point where we have to remove actual features to add new ones. The configuration mode code was not enough. The on/off only has 1 MCU that has all of the code on it. The LZW31 has 2x MCU so the code has been split between them. That is why the dimmer has many more features, but both devices are out of space.

Good to know. Thanks!

I’ll be more than happy to take ~28 (and ~6 aux) of them off your hands, assuming bulb compatibility :grimacing: