Association or RM? Set double tap to control other swithces

I haven’t started down this path yet, but I’m trying to figure out which way is right here. I want to use a switch as normal on it’s primary light (down is off, up is on), but then also have it control other switches (doule tap down turns off another switch). RM can take 5-50second to control the other switches. Is there a way to do this within the Z-Wave Association Tool?

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can use multi-taps for that (but you could associate a single tap, the on/off state, with another Z-Wave device). However 5 seconds and certainly 50 seconds is a long time for a Rule to run, so maybe it would be worthwhile to look into that problem. Some ideas that may help:

  • A smaller app like Simple Automation Rules or Button Controller (compared to Rule Machine) will likely execute a bit faster, and depending on what you’re trying to do, should be able to handle turning on/off another switch based on the button event from your Inovelli
  • Do the other devices respond instantly if controlled directly from their device page (under “Devices,” then that device) in Hubitat’s admin UI? If not, you may have network problems (chatty devices like power meters eating up lots of bandwith? range issues more repeaters may help with? bad device? or possibly the next problem…)
  • Does the hub admin UI and other devices and apps respond in a timely manner? If not, you may have general hub problems (say, a runaway app/rule or driver) that it would be worth looking into.

“Logs” (and “Past Logs” there) may help with some of this–e.g., if you see a device spamming the logs with lots of “info” messages that are likely reports from the device generating events on Hubitat, or if you see lots of “error” logs that may indicate problems. Otherwise, it may just take some trying. While Association would likely be faster, the above seems like a problem to me either way.

Good luck!

I personally use the simple automations app, but a good portion of Hubitat users use the Button Controller app. My double tripple taps are almost instant, no longer that a second. You may want to adjust your ramp and dim rates to speed things up.

@BertABCD1234 & @djordan2112, all my switches are Inovelli (Red, not dimmers). All switches are nearly instant from the switch, dashboards, or device UI.

I was trying to figure this out in Simple Lighting, but I couldn’t find how to use one of the button numbers from Inovelli in there, only the parent switch.

I hadn’t head of the Button Controller, so I’ll go look at that too.

Thank you both!

I just found a switch that seems to be having significant issues, the log files for it are seriously wonky. I’m guessing that this extra ‘chat’ may have something to do with what’s going on. I just started a new topic for that issue. I’ll update once that’s solved.

If your RMs are taking 50s you have zwave issues.