Automatically go from Dim=0 to 100 on rocker up press?

I have an interesting problem in our house where someone (often the kids!) dims the lights all the way to 0. Then the next person comes along and presses the rocker on, but nothing happens (because they are technically on, but dimmed all the way down).

The person (often my wife) then complains that the switches aren’t working and that she’s sick of the “smart switches” :slight_smile:

I’ve never programmed in HA (and I have zwavejs2mqtt) and would love to see if there is a way to detect if dim=0 on rocker up press, and if so, automatically set it to 100 (as if it was off and rocker press turned it on).

You need to set you minimum value properly. Set the max to 99 and min to 1. Then dim over that range and determine the point at which the bulb(s) turn off. Set your min a few percent over that value. Once you do that, that will become the new 1%, so you are basically setting a pseudo range.

Set properly, you can dim the lights by holding a down press for as long as you want and the bulbs won’t go out. So it will be clear if they are on or off and the problem of on but not illuminated goes away.

I don’t use HA, so I can’t help you with the settings part, but others here will jump in.

Also could program if dim level = 0 for 30 seconds then turn off the dimmer. So that next time someone turns on the dimmer it’ll revert to your predefined turn on (assuming it’s not set to last dim setting).

Probably better to make a rule if 0 and press 1x then go to 50%. I just don’t know how that will interfere with a normal turn on from off.

Try setting the default level (param 9) to 99

@Bry this makes a lot of sense. A bit of work to do it for each dimmer, but I like the concept of the lights never dimming to a point where they aren’t producing any light.

Try setting the default level (param 9) to 99

@stu1811 what does this do?

In some different testing I did a few days ago when you tap up it bring you up to the default level ie 99 or full brightness

All of my Red Dimmers I set scene to double tap up for 100% bright.

Have 1 Black Dimmer I wish I could do the same with…

I went with @Bry 's suggestion and everything is working better…fingers crossed my wife doesn’t yell at me :slight_smile: