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Hey all – I just created a KB article that I could use some help testing. It was a cool idea that @kreene1987 came up with that inspired us to figure out how to do this.

It involves IFTTT and SmartThings (so, in theory any Hubitat people could also do this).

Essentially, you’re taking an RSS Feed from and when a certain keyword is detected in IFTTT, it tells SmartThings to turn on your LED Bar Notification (child device).

I’d love it if anyone could test this for us as there’s no inclement weather near us.

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@Eric_Inovelli - I’ve setup mine on Hubitat/IFTTT. I currently have Air Quality Alert as a “look for” in the RSS Feed as there seems to be a plethora amount of smoke in the air in Washington. The alert has not triggered (yet). Will continue to see if I can get it going.


Haven’t dove into it yet, but is there a “is not null” option? So that when ANY alert comes across it triggers?

We get a lot of flooding/hail/tornadoes here in KS :smiley:

Also also, thanks for the shoutout. I think this is an extremely valuable notification for the audibly impaired, glad you guys ran with it!

@harjms – Good news, I was able to get this to work. I tested a Tornado Warning in South Carolina as there’s an active one there and it was able to turn on the notification.

@kreene1987 – I’ll look into this – may be an IFTTT limitation, but I’ll check!