Aux Switch in Separate Circuit/Room?

Apologies if this is a dumb question, I’m still relatively new in setting up my smart home.

I’ve replaced the 3-way switches in my kitchen with a Red 2-in-1 and Aux Switch. We have a small open pantry with a separate light switch that I’d like to tie together so that the main switches for the kitchen also control that light. Am I able to do that with another Aux in the pantry or will it require either a smart bulb (with the original dumb switch) or a whole new Red switch?

You can’t do it with another Aux since it’s on a different switch leg.

As you were thinking, you can either go the smart bulb or the smart switch route.

I’d favor replacing the pantry switch with a smart switch. This way, the pantry light can remain to work as it is now, if need be.

Then just set up an automation for the kitchen switch. You could either have the pantry light go on and off with the kitchen light, or use the multi-tap functionality on the kitchen switch (like a double tap up or down) to separately control the pantry light from the kitchen switch.

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Brilliant. Hadn’t even thought about the double tap functionality for this. Thank you!

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