Aux Switch not working after Red Series 2-1VZW31-SN inclusion to HA and FW update

Hi everyone!

I’ve installed with an electrician a VZW31-SN switch with an AUX switch (iwith a neutral wire as displayed here. During the installation, everything worked well, even the three-way with the aux switch.

But after an update to the firmware 1.2.0 and an integration to Home Assistant through zwavejsui, the Aux switch is not doing anything anymore. I’ve tried to restart the main switch by pulling the air gap, do the same with the aux switch , change the mode manually and through HA, factory reset the switch, exclude it and reassociate it with HA but it’s still not working. The wiring is still the same as when it was working.

Do you know what else I could do to make this work? I think that it could be maybe related to the firmware update. I have other red and aux switches coming in soon, so I’ll be able to test with those devices too.

Thanks a lot!

Just a note to help you problem solve, I believe when you exclude and then include Zwave does a factory reset of the switch. So any settings you had before would need to be reconfigured. Not an answer, but just something to watch out for as you troubleshoot.

Yup! I did reconfigure the switch with the manual steps and through HA afterward.

Sorry if that wasn’t clear in my main post :slight_smile: Thanks!

I can confirm that even with a new Aux switch, the three way is not working.

If you have any insights on what is going on it would be appreciated!

I would factory reset the switch. Then configure it as a three-way momentary using the paddle. Do not connect it to HA. This will help you troubleshoot if your hub is causing the issue.

If it doesn’t work with it not connectrd to HA, something may have gone wrong with your firmware upgrade. The HA power users here will have to help you with that.

In HA make sure you set param 22 to 2 (Multi-Way with aux switch)

If that doesn’t work try re-interviewing the node

Unfortunately, those steps didn’t work either :confused:

I went ahead and capped the three way wires and installed a zooz remote to control the main switch instead.

I’ll revisit this later and I’ll keep this thread updated if there’s a solution.

Thanks !