Auxiliary Switch without Smart switch (temporarily)

Hello, I just had a quick question in regards to the auxiliary switch. I am currently waiting on the matter/thread series to be available, and in the meantime, I wanted to get the aux switches wired and installed. Given that I will be hard wiring the line in straight to the load, since the lights are smart lights, would I be able to put the auxiliary switches in and have them basically “duds” until the smart switch comes in? Or will they need to be installed at the exact same time as the smart switch?

You can put them in, but you’ll need to do re-wiring/disconnecting at the primary switch box. What you need to do depends upon your wiring configuration.

The white series is still pending Matter certification so it’s difficult to predict how soon these will be available. If it were me, I’d wait and do it all at once.

Thank you! My lights are motion controlled so having switches that don’t do anything would honestly workout best for me. I just wanted to make sure the upcoming switches would be able to detect them even if they have been powered on beforehand.