Battery Operated Zwave switch

This would be amazing, especially since you could add 3 way switches without running electrical wire!

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I was actually thinking last night about how to control media from my patio without having to figure out how to run power.

This would be great. Include the double tap features like the red series!

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I think project BFF would be what you are wanting Paddle Remote | Project BFF


Oh man that would be perfect! Or even a switch that you can use to run scenes that you can remove when the teenagers come over

Lol that’s our old manufacturer and we gave them that idea and design… ugh.

I guess this is good motivation to re-start the remote project (BFF) and hopefully our new manufacturer will give us some leniency on finances!

Godda love china sometimes. I got some smartlocks from them in the past and thier customer service was terrible, the sales team was helpful but they didnt understand thier own product fully. Made me decide to stop buying wholesale from them.

Yeah, that was the one thing that was great about our partnership – we handled the customer service, designed the products, and knew the North American market. It really was a good partnership and I do like those guys, but they got a bit greedy with increasing prices, not holding to contracts, etc, that we just couldn’t do it anymore.

Makes sense. Hopefully your next edition will be better than thiers. Out of curiosity have you looked at taiwan or other countries that have better IP protections for foreign companies?

We’ll make sure it is :slight_smile: – we’ve got a secret weapon named @EricM_Inovelli that will make sure it’s better!

Not yet – our manufacturer is also planning on moving part of it’s smart home line to Taiwan as they’re also being pressured by their largest customer (rhymes with Bling) to do so, which helps us.

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They have the bling to do so too.

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That solves your problem, no wonder you like these guys so much.

Are you guys considering a presale or Kickstarter or Indigogo for funding rather than paying out of pocket 100%?