Best Series Red/Blue/White - New User for all things smart home

I’m about to buy these switches for my entire (new) home. I can’t decide which line would be best.

I was leaning toward Z-Wave for the 900MHz range, but I’m not sure if that is the best option with the future “Matter” compatibility of the Blue series.

Which one was most recently released?
I would love some expert help from people who have messed with this stuff before.

2 points of note:

  • I’m going to be placing my order for these switches in the next 6 hours or less
  • I don’t have a “hub” picked out. I work in Industrial Automation, and I will most likely “roll my own” using Ignition by Inductive Automation. (So hub doesn’t really matter that much to me)

Red series is Z-Wave. Blue series is Zigbee (not upgradeable to Thread/Matter). Both of these have basically identical functionality and performance besides their radio (900mhz vs 2.4ghz).

The white series is thread / matter but has reduced functionality (due to limitations of the matter protocol currently) and is not yet available.

Personally, I recommend a mix of Z-Wave (anywhere there’s only a single switch and no smart bulbs), and Zigbee (multi switch binding or binding to smart bulbs) since Zigbee is more interference prone due to frequency.

I would recommend against making your own hub, especially with Inovelli products. Their switches have a very large amount of functionality and params and building that into a hub is not easy. If you want something that supports a lot of DIY functionality, Home Assistant with Z-Wave JS UI / Zigbee2mqtt will likely be a good path forward.

Watching this video from home assistant, it looks like Matter is the future.

I was wrong, I will be using Home Assistant, and then controlling it from my industrial automation program (Ignition)

In this article it says that the Blue Series is Up-gradable to Matter.

Do you know if that’s still the case? If so, I’m going with the Blue series.


Early on, the initial hope for (ZigBee) Blues was that there would be a path to later update to Thread.

However, it’s since been confirmed that updating either the MG21 or MG24 chip from ZigBee to Thread is not feasible - although either chip can do either protocol, it has to be set up as one or the other and cannot be (easily, if at all) changed later on.

This is great info! Thank you so much!

I’ll go with the Blue, and then maybe work to get a zigbee to Thread hub-converter at some point in the future.

Honestly, I’ve been hearing that for 4 years and so far nothing I’ve tried has lived up to the hype. It might be the future, but it’s certainly not feature complete today and I personally am not willing to buy hardware on future software promises.


Agreed. I want something full featured today. If we can integrate with it in the future, that will be wonderful.

There’s no need for that if you’re going with Home Assistant that will talk Zigbee already. A converter would likely just muddy up the airwaves and make the possibility of interference even greater.