Best smart bulbs to pair with Blue switch? Hue only, or are there others?

I’m working on implementing smart lighting in a few areas of my home, and I was delighted to recently learn about Inovelli switches and their smart bulb mode because it would allow me to control the white/yellow color (I’m not into full spectrum but do use white/yellow in certain rooms). First, am I correct that I can pair or bind a Blue switch directly to a Hue bulb (using one of two processes in Home Assistant, or other methods via other hubs) so that the switch reliably controls the bulb directly? Second, is it just Hue, or are there other solid bulb options that are recommended? Note the Inovelli offering isn’t bright enough. So…what is considered to be the ‘best’? I have IKEA and Hue at this time and willing to buy others. Finally, is this a RELIABLE system? It sounds like it’s very ‘techie,’ and reading the forums…doesn’t make it sound like it’s buggy but it does sound like there are ongoing updates and changes. Part of me wants to use Lutron Caseta (especially with their new, traditional-looking switches!) for known perfect reliability and acceptance, but part of me wants to pursue Inovelli to gain access to, primarily, the ability to chose white/yellow color.

Yes it will bind directly to Hue and other zigbee bulbs. Others have been talking about Juno as a reliable can type system.

I can say it works quite well in direct control (binding) to smart zigbee bulbs. It’s lightning fast.