[BETA RELEASE] Improved Hubitat Inovelli 4-in-1 Sensor Driver

Almost total re-design of the inovelli 4-in-1 sensor driver. I like the device but have never liked the driver (no offense Eric)

  • Re-engineer of driver using current coding standards
  • Reduce un-necessary event log chatter (there was a lot of this)
  • Add TamperAlert capability
  • Standardize device info and add serialnumber, firmware version, protocol version, hardware version
  • Got rid of double / redundant motion events


Original thread:


Pushed an update:
fixed incorrect type definition on temperature

@bcopeland You might want to check the setting for the humidity reporting interval, parameter 102. Looks like it’s not replacing the default with the parameter that I entered in the device set up. I have 180 in it but it still is showing 7200 after configuration.